You'll Always Be Alone...

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Fear limits you from accomplishing goals.

Often, the things we are afraid of are never that bad or even bad at all.

Once you’ve faced your fears, you will feel powerful and strong.


"Hope is generally regarded as good. Fear is generally regarded as bad. To a stoic like Hecato, they are the same, both are projections into the future about things we do not control. Both are the enemy of this present moment that you are actually in. Both mean you're living a life in opposition to amor fait. It's not about overcoming our fears but understanding that both hope and fear contain a dangerous amount of want and worry in them. And sadly, the want is what causes the worry."- The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

There's a great sense of inner-accomplishment that comes with conquering fear.

I want all my loved ones and clients to experience this feeling.

A big fear many of my clients’ face is the fear of being ALONE.

I have dealt with this fear as well.

I was always settling for unhealthy partners just to have someone.

Just to be able to tell people that someone loved me and that I had someone to love.

Just to be able post "cute couples' pictures" on social media.

Meanwhile, I was secretly miserable. I wasn’t physically alone, but I was emotionally alone.

I was not happy. Not even close.

With the help of my therapist as well as my life coach, I realized I wasn’t alone and have never been alone.

I have family members and friends who love me. I have acquaintances I can turn to.

Most importantly, I have MYSELF!

Women and men hold onto unhealthy relationships for many reasons: codependency, financial stability, comfort, etc.

None of those reasons include YOU getting your needs met and wants fulfilled.

Being in a partnership with any old body, just to have somebody, doesn’t provide your life with purpose and value.

Don’t settle for any physical-being just to be able to say you are in a relationship.

Being in a relationship is not superior to being single.

Being single gives you the freedom to focus solely on yourself.

You don’t have to consider your partner's feelings, thoughts, wants, or needs.. ONLY your own.

A lot of my clients say "Well, what if I end up alone?"

My reply always is ‘’Yes, what IF you end up alone? What would that look like for you?"

They usually find that their answers aren't as scary as they had believed it to be.

If you keep your days filled with productivity & positive self-care, you will never feel alone or bored.

I found my purpose in helping others through coaching, blogging and hosting workshops.

When I’m not doing those I’m going to the gym, reading, catching up on shows, spending time with my kitten playing fetch (yes, my kitten fetches LOL).

I find ways to stay busy and not allow myself to dwell and focus on being with a partner.

I also practice positive self-talk: "I will, I can, I am..."

Being single is a choice.

No one truly has to be single.

Everyone can find SOMEONE.

There's such stigma with being single, when in reality, there are just as many happy single people as there are taken people.

I’m not saying that it’s not human nature to want to be with someone. It most certainly is.

I just want you to be satisfied and fulfilled with your own company until the right person comes into your life.

By being healthier, positive, and productive you will be more aware of what a healthy partner looks like.

You'll know what your needs and wants are in a relationship.

You'll identify red flags and walk away from them instead of making ugly, red scarves out of them.

Don’t let fear stop you from being the strong, powerful, single person that you are.

You don’t need a relationship to make you whole.

Focus on what freedoms come with being out of your past relationship.

Let go and move on!

Sometimes, the best company to have is your own company.

Embrace it!

Natasha, CTACC

Certified Life Coach


"Because you the sh*!

Strong. Honorable. Independent. True."

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