Routines Keep Your Life in Order

Updated: Jun 15

Routines should be an imperative to our lives. Even the freest of spirits, such as myself, should have routines. How we start and finish our day is what shapes our mood, relationships and energy.

Aside from the necessary hygiene essentials, I have a morning routine. It goes like this:

· Read from my daily stoic affirmations book.

For each calendar day it has an affirmation followed by a paragraph that goes into more depth about it. It’s food for thought.

I write about the affirmation, how it pertains to me and how I can apply it to that day.

· Pick a page from my mindfulness journal and write.

I have two mindfulness journals. Both have thought-provoking questions. Example: "What are you grateful for?" I pick a question, jot my answer and go about my day.

This keeps me grounded and reminds me that I have good things in life not just stressful things.

· Listen to a podcast.

As a coach, I too need inspiration and motivation. I have several positive, mindful, motivational podcasts loaded on my phone. I choose one and press play.

While I’m preparing for my day (getting dressed, making breakfast etc). I let the positive folk in podcast land make me smile, laugh and be ready for whatever the day brings me.

I'm in the process of launching a podcast myself, subscribe to Wisdom Within's newsletter at to stay informed.

· I Affirm.

I always start my day telling myself “I can… I will…. I am….” and fill in the blanks with positive affirmations. If you tell yourself you are beautiful, you will start to feel it and believe it.

Anyone can tell you what you are or are not, but no one can make you believe it more than you! Truly envision your affirmation, feel it and become it.

· Write tasks/goals for today.

"What 3 things must I get accomplished today?" That's the question I ask myself each day. I make a list and check it twice. Most importantly, I try my hardest to execute the goals! Having a list acts as a reminder of my priorities, so that I’m not scrambling. Instead, I’m prepared and pro-active. Plus, it lessens my stresses and worries.

Of course, I have other priorities to accomplish during the course of the day, but with having this list, it holds me accountable for getting those specific 3 tasks done.

I’m human and it doesn’t always happen but for the most part I get them finished.

This routine starts my day with a positive mind-frame with a positive direction. Remember, You become what you think!

I also have a nightly routine for bedtime. About an hour before bed, after I shower, my routine starts. Bedtime for me looks like this:

· Infuse pillows with lavender oil spray mist.

After a shower with lavender infused soap, I spray my pillows with lavender oil mist.

Lavender has relaxing scent. It’s used in many baby sleepy time bubble baths. I always spray my pillows with a light mist to get my smelling senses going and to set the tone for the evening to prepare for sleep.

· Use CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

From a 10ml tincture I drop 300mg of CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue). This helps with insomnia and anxiety, which are two ailments I suffer from. Dosages may vary to acquire the desired effects, as each person’s chemical makeup reacts different to different medicines.

For me CBD oil takes the edge off. It’s non-psychoactive which means it doesn’t get you “high”. You get all the benefits of the cannabis hemp plant without the high.

It’s a staple for my night time routine.

· Reflect.

As I have stated, I suffer from insomnia and anxiety. For me, they go hand-in-hand with how my day went and what tasks I still need to complete.

Once in bed, with my notebook in hand, I take time to think about the day I had. I reflect on what I accomplished, what positive things happened and what I need to work on tomorrow that I didn’t finish today.

This keeps my mind from racing and worrying and thinking when it's finally time for lights out. It helps me realize that even if my day didn’t go exactly as planned, that good things did happen and whatever wasn’t finished up today, I can finish tomorrow.

Knowing I have written down what needs to be done keeps me from replaying it in my mind as a reminder not to forget. I can rest better because I have my nightly notes to look back at for the next morning’s to-do list.

· Set my light therapy clock.

Once I’m cozy in bed, I set my light therapy lamp at 30 minutes. Now what this means is every 5 minutes the light dims to a lower shade, eventually at 30 minutes, it shuts off.

Kind of a sleeper but with a light that’s geared toward helping the release of melatonin. A natural chemical released in the body at dark to induce sleep. The light is perfect for reading and dozing off.

· Read a physical book.

Reading is a pleasure of mine. I don’t always get to fit it into my day, so I make it a point to pick up a good book every night. I like to read physical printed books at night as the lights from eBooks readers tend to keep me awake and keep my mind active.

I use a sleep light bulb in my lamp, its lighting is designed to not keep your brain waves so active. Reading helps me unwind while indulging in self-care.

· Text my mom.

As a teenager I didn’t appreciate having a mother who genuinely loved me. As I’ve aged, I’ve become closer to my mother. We make it a point, every night, to tell each other to have a good night’s rest and remind each other that we love each other.

There may be a night or two where one or both of us dozes off before we send our “Goodnight I Love You” text but we always make up for the next morning. Whether it’s a parent, a spouse, a relative or a friend, send a text reminding them of how much they mean to you.

They’ll appreciate it and so will you. Reality is, you never know when it’ll be the last time…

I try everyday to follow this routine as it prepares me for the day ahead in the mornings and prepares me for a good night’s rest in the evening.

Even when on vacations or when I’m away from home, I still try to stick to these routines.

Your routine doesn’t have to and shouldn’t look like mine. It should cater to your needs and to what works best for you. I

f you’re having trouble seeing each day in a positive light, having trouble sleeping at night or just wanting to have better energy, try implementing a routine daily and nightly.

It works for me!

Natasha, CTACC

Certified Life Coach


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