Fuck it!

Updated: Jun 15

I have recently noticed that over time it got harder and harder for me to write blogs. I kept trying to search topics and force myself to write. Then I got to asking myself why? Why does it feel like such a task instead of pleasure?

I figured out that it's because I have felt pressure to type everything just right, and to present myself as "professional".

While I was busy keeping up with this persona, I lost myself.

So I've decided that all of my blogs, and vlogs will be just how they are.

Who says the grammar has to be absolutely correct?

Who says I can't curse or use slang?

Why should I censor who I am in order to fit a mold that people will expect of a "certified life coach?"

I dare to be different and I'ma be me. I'ma talk how I talk day-to-day and just be Natasha!

So if you see a typo, or hear a word you've never heard before, don't be surprised.

I never want to feel pressured to do or be anything but me. And Natasha makes mistakes, typos. Natasha also curses like a sailor.

People love my honesty, and my wittiness, even when it doesn't come out exactly how I had intended. But that's what makes me, me.

I'm excited to get back to connecting with all of you, whether it's via sessions, blogs, workshops vlogs, or newsletters.

Just know, they won't be "perfect"...ever! And that's okay.

Natasha, CTACC

Certified Life Coach, Blogger, YouTuber

Strong. Honorable. Independent. True. That's you. Because You The Sh*!


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