F*** Your Dreams

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Charlamagne Tha God from the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club always says "F Your Dreams." He has his own definition of the phrase. It's explained in his book "Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Make It." Read it!

I love this statement.

When pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be, you will run into more negativity than positivity.

You will have to look past a bunch of confused, unhealthy people that question when you do something outside of the norm. They will spew negative comments and questions that make you doubt your goals and ambitions.

They are those people who are scared to challenge themselves.

They are the ones who talk to you as if you are dysfunctional when YOU try to step outside of your comfort zone.

They look at you like "F your dreams fool, stay miserable like me. Stay at a job you hate because you're comfortable and have invested too many years to quit. Stay in your toxic relationship because it looks better on social media to stay married than to get divorced."

Their comments are usually a product of trying to downplay what you do to make themselves feel better about their own weaknesses and fears.

Not realizing that dimming someone else's light doesn't make their light shine any brighter.

Most of us feel we need validation from others; from what we wear, to where we work, to whom we date.

Why other people's opinions on those particular life events matter to us is beyond me?!

They are not the people wearing the clothes, working at the job, or dating that partner.

Why do we care that they don't approve?

I don't have factual reasoning for this, but what I do have is the notion and mind-frame to know it shouldn't be "F*** Your Dreams", but F*** THEIR Opinions.

Those people are most likely a product of their environment and never pushed beyond it. They are surrounded by negative thoughts, emotions and actions. They know nothing else but to rain on someone else's parade.

When you speak things into existence, they will happen.

You should always strive for speaking only about the things you want to happen.

Place your focus on things that you WILL achieve.

Envision it. Feel it. Taste it. Breathe it!

Never focus on failures, or fears.

Never let someone discourage you from your dreams (as long as your dreams are within reason and not harmful to yourself or others).

Even the best sports teams have fans that don't like them. They don't stop playing though do they?

There are also those complainers, the natural 'Negative Nancy's', the pure 'Debbie Downers'. I can spot those people from over a mile a way because I used to be one of those people.

They will always find a negative in anything positive that you do.

They are either too scared to follow their dreams, or lack the motivation to make them happen.

They'd rather have YOU fail so that they can say "See that's why I don't bother" or "See, I knew he couldn't do it."

It's like those people can just sniff out happiness. They sense it and come running with ways to try to rob you of it.

"Misery loves company" is one of the truest clichés there is.

One of the first things I told my therapist that I wanted to work on was being more positive.

Now, I'll be the first to tell you, it's not an easy thing to do when you've been negative your entire life. (Look, I'm being slightly negative here).

But I'm here to say it's possible!

I engage in positive self-talk. I acknowledge my failures, but never dwell.

I talk with a life coach.

I step outside of my comfort zone and do what I don't always feel comfortable doing.

I am a constant work in progress.

I have my negative moments and days. But it's imperative for me to be mindful and grounded.

Re-group and start over.

When you have more optimism you'll spread more joy instead of more misery. One person can make a difference. Be that one person!

Last but not least, NEVER GIVE UP!


If you give up, you are GUARANTEED to fail.

Don't be misery's company!

When someone says "F Your Dreams" reply with "Watch, Pay Attention, and Learn!"

Then show them exactly how it's done.

Natasha, CTACC

Certified Life Coach

Email: NatashaBYTS@yahoo.com

"Because you the sh*!

Strong. Honorable. Independent. True."

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